Alright, we all know that in the movie The Godfather, sleeping with the fishes was a bad thing (really bad if you were the guy who died), but at the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas it isn’t so terrible. I got a bit of sun sleeping with the fishes at the H20 pool while my wife and daughters rode the huge water slide through the 200,000 gallon shark tank over and over.

The shark tank is pretty amazing, since you can swim up in the pool and see dozens of fish and plenty of big sharks cruise past you, a simple inch of glass away from your face. That’s cool, and so is the slide, which even those of us old enough to gamble can enjoy. If, on the other hand, you don’t want to swim or sleep with the fishes, you can play a little blackjack right there in your swimsuit. And, your dealer will be doing so in their own swimsuit, a small one.

As always there’s a payoff for this type of thing in Las Vegas, and while I’m personally against it, the blackjack payoff on these tables (as with most “party pits” in Vegas these days) is 6-5. Just to set the record straight, I did play a few hands with my friends at the H20 tables, strictly for research, and everyone had a great time, and some of us took our winnings inside where we played Free Bet Blackjack for even more fun. Besides, I never got a blackjack out there at the pool, but I did get a sunburn. I’ll live.