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If you’re a fan of computer games and love to gamble then you’ll love the Arcade Games offered by the Playtech network casinos. These games feature slick graphics and have enjoyable game play. Combine this with the gambling element, and it offers an incredibly fun way to spend an evening!

Login to Golden Palace Casino and you’ll find the Arcade Games listed in the games menu. There are a wide range to choose from and they are all very easy to learn and play. Some of the more popular games are detailed below:

Around The World features a wheel with 52 stops where the player tries to guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than the

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previous number. Players progress around a board, and the further you get and the fewer incorrect guesses, the more you win if you reach the end.

Bonus Bowling simulates a ten pin bowling game where you place a bet on the outcome of each frame. You can bet on any range of pins knocked down, including a spare and a strike, with a strike paying 25 times the bet amount. There are also bonus “Golden Frames” where you can win a bonus of 10 times your bet amount if a strike is bowled!

Jackpot Darts involves betting on the outcome of three random dart throws. There are many ways you can bet including total score, individual numbers and of course the bullseye. A progressive jackpot bonus is paid if three bullseyes are thrown in one round.

Penalty Shootout simulates a soccer penalty where you are shooting for goal and can place a bet on the outcome of your shot. There are five different betting outcomes and the odds of each outcome are displayed. Shoot for goal and win up to 12 times your bet!

Dice Twister would be familiar to those who have played Sic Bo where three dice are thrown and you can place a wide range of bets on the outcome. You can bet on many different combinations of the dice such as total score, odd/even, low/mid/high and even individual numbers.

Pop Bingo is a classic game that most people would be familiar with. You start with a card of 15 numbers which you can redraw until you are happy with your numbers. The game will then randomly draw one at a time from the 90 available numbers. As your numbers are drawn they will be circled on your card. The object is to have all of your numbers drawn as quickly as possible. The quicker they are drawn, the bigger the payout. If you are lucky enough to have your numbers drawn in 40 or less draws then yell “Bingo!” because you will win 10,000 times your bet amount!

This is just a sample of the games that are available in the Arcade Games section. Arcade Games are extremely easy to play and do not involve much decision making, so they are ideal for a beginner who is looking at making some low risk bets before moving on to the regular casino game tables.

Ed note: You can play all these Arcade Games with bonus dollars if you sign up at Golden Palace Casino where you’ll get a 300% to $100 bonus on your first deposit!

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